Your website is your window to the world. It should be the tool for showing off your business, selling your products, showcasing your services and growing your business. The importance of the investment in a website cannot be overstated. Why put your money in the hands of a remote developer? There are many more benefits and security in your investment when hiring local.


With a local company, speaking the same language means not only speaking linguistically, but culturally as well. A local agency will be able to understand your vision, your goals and your audience in a way that an overseas developer can not.

Knowledge of the Local Market

With a local web development company, you are putting your website in the hands of someone who understands the local market, trends and visitor profiles. Having the knowledge of the local behavior and demographics makes a huge difference in designing to your target audience.


With a local web agency, you can build a meaningful relationship with someone who knows people in various markets and businesses. And it never hurts to have references for your own business to gain a new network of clients.

Trust & Reliability

There is something to be said about meeting someone locally who you know is real and can talk to or call when you have ideas, questions, concerns or problems. You will receive more personal attention, better support and reliability with a local agency. Local agencies are part of your community and building trust is core to their success. A local web developer engenders an earned trust. 

Costs and Time

While it may be tempting to hire an overseas developer because they seemingly will complete a website at a lower cost, use caution. The cost is never guaranteed, and the hours will be heavily weighted for some projects costing you more in the long term. Oftentimes, an overseas developer will charge you 3 hours for the same work a local company can complete in 1 hour. The cost per hour is nullified if the agency is not competent and spends more time on each task. 

Legal & Tax issues

When working with a local developer, you are working with a local vendor who follows the same legalities and tax laws as you. It makes your accounting much easier to manage.

At FloridaSmart, our goal is to provide you a better value with a local development agency. FloridaSmart has roots in Florida’s community. We understand the local culture and the local business climate. 

Do you want something exceptional that is in your budget?

Contact us to bring your website vision to reality.



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