Keep your brand active and engaged on social media everyday

Why it’s important to invest in Social Media

Brand Awareness

Credibility through Social Proof

Increases exposure

Improves google rankings

Creates loyal followers and clients

What makes us the right choice for your investment

Our social media team utilizes professional marketing tools and all the latest techniques to manage and promote your brand on the top social media platforms. We work with you to match your social media to your campaigns, business goals, and values. 

The question isn’t “Can you afford Social Media”, the question is “Can you afford Not to invest in Social Media?”

Social Media is the fastest growing segment in the digital world. And so many people rely on it to find everything they need from news, to information, to companies. Your business can grow exponentially if you utilize social media and manage the platforms with good engagement, active postings and daily management. 

We know you are busy. We know that it can be tough to keep up.

Partner with FloridaSmart and let us help you keep your social media presence active, engaging and growing on a daily basis. Your business will grow and gain valuable visibility.

All Social Media Marketing plans include basic setup and a social audit when you sign up for a 3 month agreement. We work with you each month to plan the weekly posts that fit your current business activities. We will recommend and create a marketing plan to keep your followers engaged. All created posts can be boosted with additional ad spending budget. 

Elevating Small Businesses in Florida to Stand Out and Get Noticed

We’ll put your website & brand on the path to success.

Any Business. Any Size. Any Type.