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By Sponsoring a Guide on FloridaSmart.com, you receive top ad placement, integration into the community guide, a full page featured spread, and 100%-200% of your monthly fee goes directly to ad spend to bring more visibility to your brand. Because the Guides are a collaboration of funds, you get all of the above for up to 3x the value of your spend. 

Florida Community Guides

Choose from our top cities and topics. Contact us to be featured on the guide of your choice. Our Marketing experts help you choose a page that is perfect for the demographics you are targeting to build a following and get the most authentic clicks. Join with your fellow community members and claim your spot. 

Limited to 6 Sponsors per Guide


Collaborative Marketing Budget

With a pull of resources from members of your local community we turn your $500 into $1,000 in direct marketing spend. We take your full monthly payment amount and apply it to direct advertising campaigns to bring more visitors to your brand and showcase you as the influencer in your Florida community. 

Get More Value

Full Page Spread

Receive a full page featured editorial on your business on www.FloridaSmart.com. Our editors write a full featured article about your business that allows visitors to connect more personally with you and builds a google favorable backlink. 

Featured Editorial


Connect with your community

Get 3x the value of your budget

Be Featured on Top Florida Site

Creates Community Influencers

FloridaSmart.com is all about authentic Florida, real Floridians and real businesses in Florida capturing the culture of Florida and strengthening connections between people, organizations and brands.

Community, Connected, Strong

Uniting businesses and people all across Florida with a positive impact

Join the fastest growing online community in Florida and put your Brand on top

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