Websites have become the place that represents your business to the world.

Finding a web developer to work with to design or re-design your website can seem overwhelming, especially with so many options available. Should you try to do it yourself, have a friend put it together, or should you hire a professional to design your website? These are tough questions when so many businesses have a tight budget and do not want to spend a lot on a website.

But here’s what you need to keep in mind. Your website is like a store window. If you are passing by a store and you look in the window and everything is a mess, disorganized, outdated and broken, do you want to go in? Not likely. A professional web developer will make your website look like an inviting store window that your visitors will want to enter.

So how do you choose the right agency? There are a few questions you can ask that will help you measure whether a web agency is right for you. Asking these questions can keep you from headaches and over-budgeting and put your project in the right hands.

1 – How do you manage web development projects? What is your web development process? What are the stages? Will the website be made live while additional pages, sections and applications are being added?

At FloridaSmart, our process is easy. We start off every project with a Discovery and Planning phase. Here we go over your needs, your goals, your current sites shortfalls, and sketch out a framework for your site.

During our Creative and Development phase, we keep you in the loop. We show you your website at various stages to get feedback and make changes as needed.

Then when the site is ready to launch, we test to make sure everything is on target. We train you to manage your site and we continue to support you after the launch.  

2 -Who will be my point of contact? Are you Local? Can we meet?

With so many web developers working remotely, it can be difficult for some to feel comfortable without being able to meet in person. And with the cost of overseas developers seemingly less expensive, some may take a risk and hire someone out of the country. (Read our blog post Here on Why to Hire a Local Web Development Agency)

FloridaSmart is all about Florida. We are local to Central Florida and we want to meet you. You will always have a project manager who is available to you to go over every concern, keep you updated, and meet with you directly. Our top priority is communication with you, our client, to make sure you feel good about the process, the timeframe, the budget, and most important, your website which will be your window to the world.

3 – How will you work within my budget? And what is the timeframe?

Be wary of any web agency or designer who gives you a set price for your website before they get to know what you want. You will get a standard template website that may have bells and whistles, but not at all customized to your business or what you need for your online presence. And then you will be left not knowing what to do with the site. A good web agency will work with you and your budget to customize a solution that presents your image and your brand to the world and doesn’t drop it off to you and say goodbye. And while they may be able to deliver this site to you in 24-48 hours, again, it will not be what you want or need for your business to stand out.

At FloridaSmart, we work within your budget. We can give you a starting price for a simple site or we can customize a complete solution or a combination of both. If you want to do some of the site setup yourself, add your own pages, photos, graphics, etc. we can work with you. If you do not have the full budget for your website, we offer financing solutions. The timeframe for your project is totally dependent on the scale of your project and the response in gathering materials for your website.

Our goal is to make Florida businesses beautiful, informative and professional online.

We want to help you create the image and branding that fits your business and the framework to power it.

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