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General Questions

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Why should I get FloridaSmart to help with my website and digital marketing? What makes you different from other agencies?

Good question. When you do business with FloridaSmart Digital Services, we consider you family and we treat you how we would want to be treated. We see each business we work with as unique and you’ll get much more than the ordinary websites your competitors have. We’ll build you a sales-generating asset and work with you to keep that asset active and engaging.

Website Questions

Do I really need to update my website?

Imagine you are walking through a shopping district and you see one store that has a cracked store window with dusty shelves and signs and another that has crystal clear glass, looks super clean with modern signs that direct you to easily find what you are shopping for. Which one are you going to go into?

Your website is your storefront in the online world. And customers will leave a poorly designed or outdated website as quickly as they will avoid going into a store with dusty cracked windows.

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Why is mobile friendly design so important?

There are so many reasons…. First and foremost, it can significantly increase the amount of visitors who stay on your site. With a majority of people now using their smartphones to search on the internet, if your website does not fit the screen, 99% of them will click away and find a business that is easier to view on their device.

And have you ever heard of Google? Of course we all know how important google is. And google doesn’t like websites that are outdated and not mobile friendly.

How do I manage my website and content?

We never leave you to fend for yourself, we are here to help you manage and update your website and content any time you need us so that it never gets left behind. Our philosophy is to empower you to get the most from your website.

We’ll put your website & brand on the path to success.

Any Business. Any Size. Any Type.

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