Considering hiring someone to build a new website?
Or someone to manage your website content, store, images, social media and ads?

With online technological advances moving fast, web projects and online marketing solutions have become advanced beyond what most people can do on their own. It is nearly impossible to be good at everything in the digital world. Small businesses feel the pressure of not being able to keep up with the technology and wanting to hire an employee or freelancer to help. It is tough to find someone to hire who you can trust will have all the skills you require and who will work diligently every day to bring your results.

A Web Agency is almost always a better choice over hiring employees or freelancers. A web agency offers expertise in multiple areas, saves you time, offers better commitment, superior support, keeps up on current trends and delivers top results.


Building a website is much more than just designing it and putting it online. Building or re-designing a website involves planning, research, working with the best developers, graphic designers, content managers, photo editors, and making sure it is on a server and platform that is secure and kept up to date. A most important aspect of a new website is overall user friendliness and fit for the industry and if applicable, locality. A musician’s website would be much different than a lawyer’s website for example. Understanding what people in your industry or local area like best and is more appealing to the user is the most important part of building your new site.

Most often, web developers or freelancers who you would hire will specialize in specific areas. And if the person you hire is not good at one aspect of what you need done, for example, if they struggle with image editing, and it takes them more time, or they have to learn, then you are paying for their learning curve. Chances are, they do not have the experience or knowledge of user trends and local market techniques. In addition, if they can’t get the job done after months of you paying a salary to the employee or freelancer, you end up losing alot of money and having to go through the same process of hiring and trying to find another person to take over.

When you hire FloridaSmart Digital Agency, you are getting the best of both front end/ back end developer, digital UX designer, graphics and photo editor, content expert for SEO, all wrapped into one. In most cases, hiring an outside agency costs less than an employee without all the hassles. Any lack of knowledge for something you require would never be a learning curve you would pay for. We have a network of experts in all online digital platforms and can get the job done taking the worry away from you. The risk is decreased exponentially and you have an agency who will work hard to showcase your business.

Another benefit of an Agency is that anytime you need additional services, or need less services, we will always have your back. You can cut back on services or add more at any time to fit your budget and your goals. 


It seems like a no-brainer that hiring an agency over an employee or freelancer would provide much better support. But let’s point out the reasons that make it so clear.

An employee is someone who you will support. If they have problems, issues, call in sick, do not know how to do a specific task, etc, you are supporting them. Hopefully an employee would support you back by doing their job effectively and efficiently. But as most business owners know, it can be difficult to find that perfect person and the trial and error that goes along with the search, can be costly.

A freelancer may not need physical support from you, but most freelancers are also very focused on their particular tasks that they forget about you, the client.

At FloridaSmart Digital Agency, we know that communication with our clients is number one. With good communication, support becomes a breeze. Our goal is always to be there for you first and at every step along the way. Whether it is a website design or content management or social media and seo marketing, we keep you in the loop so that everything is clear and streamlined. This makes everything more efficient and in the end can actually save you money as things get done and done right.


While hiring a freelancer may seem like the cheapest option for web services, unless you know the freelancer and have seen their work, know that they will stay in touch and know that they can get the job done in an efficient amount of time, chances are, you will spend more in the long run. Freelancers might say they charge only $20 per hour, but if it takes them 5 hours to do a job that an agency can accomplish in 2 hours, then you are not saving money.

The cost of hiring an employee is not only the number in your accountant’s books, it is the time, the payroll, the benefits and accountability. It is vacation time, break time, and leave of absences. It is time that your company pays for human resources, time to interview and hire, time to fill out the paperwork, not to mention the cost of your times and resources.

The cost of hiring an agency might seem higher in the beginning, but in the end, in most cases, it is way more affordable. Large companies, government agencies and universities know this and often hire agencies for their web projects.

Are you ready to hire?

Put your web project in the hands of a professional agency who can do the job right, alleviate your time so you can focus on your business, and take the worries and headaches away from you. FloridaSmart Digital Agency is local to Florida businesses and has the added benefit of being able to meet with you face to face for a more personal relationship.

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